This web page set was created in honor of Valentines Day and love.

To save the graphics on this page:
1. Move your cursor over the graphic
2. Right click with the mouse
3. Choose "Save Image As"
4. Click on Save or OK button to save the image to your harddrive
5. For the background - Righ click somewhere on the background and "Save Background as"

Or you can click here to download a zip file containing all the graphics on this page.

The font used on this page is Kaufmann Bd BT.

Small HeartSmall HeartSmall Heart
Small HeartSmall HeartSmall Heart

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If you use this page set or any of the graphics, I would appreciate a link back to my home page.
If you send your URL to me at raven@penmaster.com, I will gladly link back to your page.

Designed By Raven