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16 Jan 2006 New Poser picture added to the Artwork page.
7 Jan 2006 First Poser picture for 2006 added to the Artwork page.
31 Dec 2005 Added last Poser picture for 2005 to the Artwork page.  Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2006.
17 Nov 2005 Added a new Aiko 3 Poser picture to the Artwork page.
3 Aug 2005 Added a new mermaid Poser picture to the Artwork page.
10 Jul 2005 Added two new Poser picture to the Artwork page.  Did some experimenting with the original Aiko.
27 Jan 2005 Added a new Poser picture to the Artwork page.  I'm testing some texutres, by AllenArt, for Aiko's Ravyn outfit. This is my first "toonie" picture.
26 Dec 2004 Added a new Poser picture to the Artwork page.  Playing around with postwork to create an "old-tyme photo".
24 Oct 2004 Added a new Poser picture for Halloween to the Artwork page.  
12 Oct 2004 Added a new Poser picture to the Artwork page.  First picture using Micheal 3.  
05 Oct 2004 New Poser picture added to the Artwork page.  Picture won first place the September Poser Challenge at 3D Commune.  
18 Sep 2004 Added five pictures I created in Poser to the Artwork page.
14 Sep 2004 Links page updated.
05 Oct 2003 After a long hiatus we are back.  Links page updated.
02 Apr 2000 Web Stuff page added.
01 Apr 2000 Various Femforce artwork added.
02 Feb 2000 Valentine/heart webset added.
09 Oct 1999 Aunt Kama's Carmel Cream Sandwich Cookies, Carmel Turtles, and Genet's Strawberry Shortcut Cake recipes added.
11 Sep 1999 Gayle's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie and Joanne's Cream Cheese and Cresant Roll Dessert recipes added.
22 Aug 1999 Graphics resources page added.  First resource added is Image Sprayer files for Corel Photo-Paint.  Six collections were added.
09 Aug 1999 Quiz page added.  Plan is to add new quizzes at least once a week.  Notices of new quizzes will only appear on the quiz page.
06 Jul 1999 Portfolio of sites created by Designed by Raven page added.
05 Jul 1999 Pastime Publications added to Links page.
04 Jul 1999 Web design price summary page added.
06 Jun 1999 Boogaman's Writing Warehouse added to Links page.
03 Jun 1999 Rants page added.
02 May 1999 Artwork page added.  The first pages added are the color versions of Vanguard1 issue 1 cover, issue 2 cover, issue 4 cover, issue 2 pages 1 & 2, and the Vanguard1 team picture.
25 Apr 1999 Links page added.
23 Apr 1999 Recipes page added.  Also added Chicken Pot Pie, Chili, Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Jalapeņo Cheddar Buns, Pancakes, Parmesan Chicken Breasts recipes.
21 Apr 1999 Updates page added.
19 Apr 1999 Bio page added.
04 Apr 1999 Site created.

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