Poser Artwork

One last picture for 2005.  This picture is the base for my New Years greatings.  2005 was a rough year for many, here's hoping that 2006 is a good one for you.

Items used are DAZ's Millenium Pre-school Boy with Christmas Child Texture (RDNA XMAS 2004) Set by Syyd and Pre-school Boy Faces (RDNA XMAS 2004) by Ladyelf, DAZ's Wedge Cut hair, Pre-school Boy Suit (RDNA XMAS 2004) by Second Sight Productions with Pre-school Boy Suit Texture Exp (RDNA XMAS 2004) by Judith; Capsces' Lit'l uns with goldtassel's FaeMate: Redhead texture, Dancer Hair by Lady Little Fox with Dancer Natural Textures by Judith, Preschool Girl Skating Outfit (RDNA XMAS 2004) by Lady Little Fox/Secretheart/Traveler, PS Boots (RDNA XMAS 2004) by Digital Meanderings; Traveler's Props Club Snow Lands and Cleatus Snow; and the Winter Wonder 2004 for Cyclorama by Laurie S.  Rendered in Poser 6 and post worked in Adobe Photoshop 7 with Rudy's Super Tool Actions by Rudy Burgin.

Fun in the Snow

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Page created 31 December 2005

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