Poser Artwork

This has been a work in progress for about six months.  This was not what I originally planned, but sometimes the picture takes you where it wants to go.  This is the first scene I've made using M3.

Items used are V3, DAZ V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress, Silverleif Studio MFDress MAP Pack Cream Couture texture, Glitter Fantasy Royal Gold 2 textures by Laurie S used on DAZ V3 Fantasy Collar Set, Barock-Hair by Angelmoon and SWAM, M3, Dinner suit for M3 from Poserworld, Male Hair 1 from Kozaburo, and StoneMason's Moonlight Serenade with the Baroque Vestibule textures by Lisa Buckalew.  Rendered in Poser 4 Pro Pack and post worked in Adobe Photo Shop.


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Page created 12 October 2004

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