Poser Artwork

Just a little V3 cheesecake.  Playing with some new Poser toys and postwork tutorial by Broken Angel.  This tutorial gave the picture a cooler feeling.  The previous picture is the same one, but I used a different tutorial for the postwork.  I couldn't decide which I liked better so they both got posted.

Items used are V3, V3 Clothing by Zew 3D Clothier 1.0, DAZ Ultimate Changing Ponytail, DAZ Japonism Furniture, The Ultimate Bed Construction Set by Geoegress and MBaker, morphing pillows from Morphable Bed 2 by Alexander Kroener (the BEST morphable bed and it's free), and Poserworld Minimalistic Room.  Rendered in Poser 4 Pro Pack and post worked in Adobe Photo Shop.

Cool Color Pinup - V3

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Page created 18 September 2004

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