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Starlion: A Pawn's Game
If you enjoy Sci-Fi comics, this is one for you to check out.  The story and art work are great, although I may be just a bit biased since I'm the one coloring it.  :-)  Please drop us a line if you enjoy it.

The International Wenches Guild
Bigger, Better, Faster, MORE.  This is the place to find out who are the Wenches, what are Wenches, if YOU are a wench.

Capital Yarns and Pastime Publications
Interested in needlework, tatting, crochet and knit?  Check out these two sites.  Further examples of my handiwork.

Gentle Impressions
This site offers Paint Shop Pro Tubes & Brushes.  I have converted the tubes into Corel PHOTO-PAINT Image Sprayer files.  They are located under the Graphics Resources page.

User Friendly the Comic Strip
I am a victim of the "User Friendly Productivity Virus."  This is a great strip, especially if you are a computer geek.

Kevin & Kell
In a dog eat dog world, what are a rabbit and a wolf to do?  Find out here.  This is another great comic strip.

Dick Hugh's Web Page
If you're interested in Judo or the game of Go, you'll want to check out this site.

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