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I just purchased Paint Shop Pro 5.  So far it seems very similar to Corel, the big difference is terminology.  One neat tool that both programs use is one that allows you to paint with various pictures.  Corel calls it Image Sprayer, while PSP has Tubes.

In one of my many hunts, I ran across Lisa McGowan's Gentle Impressions web site.  For PSP users, she has several collections of Victorian Tubes.  I converted them to use with Corel's Image Sprayer.  Lisa has given me permission to post these files on my site.  She put a lot of work into them, so if you use them please add a link to her page at

The links below will take you to pages where you can download the various collections.

Sweet Things
Victorian Ladies

Installing The Files

  1. Create a folder where you want the files to be stored.  I've put them in a folder called Victorian, under Corel/Graphics8/Photopnt/ImgList/
  2. Unzip the downloaded files into this directory.
  3. Open Photo-Paint.
  4. Open an existing image or create a new image.
  5. Double-click the Image Sprayer tool.
  6. Click the arrow button on the Tool Settings Roll-Up.
  7. Click Load an Image List.
  8. Select the folder which contains the unzipped files.
  9. Click on the file you want to use.
  10. Click Open.
  11. Voilà, you're ready to go.

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