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The prices listed on this page are guidelines only.  No two web sites are the same.  Prices will be adjusted up or down according to complexity.  E-mail us at for a quote.  The portfolio button on the left will take you to some examples of our work.
Basic Homepage  500 words of text, one graphic, one e-mail link  $70 
Enhanced Homepage  Up to three pages which consist of two graphics per page, 500 words of text per page, free form text layout, 3 hyperlinks, one e-mail link  $200 
Basic Web Site  Up to five pages which consist of four graphics per page, four paragraph sections, 500 words of text per page, 5 hyperlinks, one e-mail link  $330 
Additional Pages  $70/page 
Other  We will gladly work with you to offer an individual quote for a web site suited to your needs.  Quote 
Scanning of graphics  $15/graphic 
Placement of additional graphics  $5 
Customized toolbar  $80&up 
Customized background texture  $70/hour 
Custom-created graphic or logo  $70/hour 
Site-maintenance and Updates  $20.00/hour 
What you need to provide:   Any graphics, logos, brochures, information pamphlets, catalogs, and/or promotional material your business or organization currently uses.  This is so we may better understand your needs. 

You must provide the text for the site.  Please be advised, your content should be well written and grammatically correct.  We are neither professional proofreaders nor content providers.  Text should be provided in ASCII text, Lotus WordPro 97 or lower, Corel WordPerfect version 8.0 or lower, or Microsoft Word 97 or lower.  Please send illustrations and/or photographs in protective covers or mailing packets. Digitized graphics, logos, and/or images will be accepted on PC-formatted floppy disks, zip disks, CDs, or via e-mail or ftp.  The Package guildlines shown above include scanning of graphics. 

Please include specifics as to the design elements you want included in your pages. 

Need A Quote? 
E-mail us at

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