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. . . well I can dream, can't I?

Actually, I really can't picture myself as a starving artist in Paris.  In fact, I really don't consider myself much of an artist.  Well, at least not an artist in the traditional media (I love my computer). 

With that said, you may ask (and then again you may not) what are you going to put on this page?  That is an easily answered question:   most of the artwork will be my husband's. 

Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version of the image.  I'll try to keep these files to about 150 kb.

If you enjoy his work, check out our other web site

Artwork from Vanguard1
Vanguard1 Issue 1 Cover Vanguard1 Issue 2 Cover Vanguard1 Issue 4 Cover Vanguard Issue 2 page 1 Vanguard Issue 2 page 2 The Vanguard1 Team

Artwork from Femforce
Femforce #42 Cover Jetgirl and Rocketman Pin-up - Pencil Black Venus Pin-up - Pencil Alizarin Crimson Pin-up - Pencil Nightveil Montage - Pencil
Nightveil Trading Card Jetgirl Pin-up - Color Black Venus Pin-up - Color Alizarin Crimson Pin-up - Color Cave Girl Pin-up - Pencil
Artwork is copyright c.2000, Scott Nemmers.
Femforce, all related characters, and logos are copyright c.2000, AC Comics and Paragon Publications.

Poser Artwork
Some results from my latest foray into the world of Poser.
Vintage Furette Star Power - V2 Warm Color Pinup - V3 Cool Color Pinup - V3 Moving Towards the Light New Friend?
Romance The Headless Horseman The dancer A Jungle Adventure A Prayer to Her Goddess What was that?
Young Love Whispers of Magic Fun in the Snow Cutie and the Beast A Night on the Town  

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