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This is my first "toonie" picture.  I'm testing "The Wild Things" textures, by Laurie Allen, for Aiko's Ravyn clothing set and XinXin hair.  They are a lot of fun.  This set is "Wild Cat".  I got to use a lot of different objects in this picture.

Items used are DAZ's A3 wearing Montanta Skye textures by TiffT785 and Mahna, Ravyn for Aiko 3 by Dark Whisper with The Wild Things texture by AllenArt, XinXin hair by Yamato, Toony Cat by Capsces Digital Ink for DAZ's Toonimal Kitty, Peacock and Real Macaw by Noggin, A Mediterranean Balcony by Stonemason with Tototlcalli: The Place of Birds texture by Moyra, Heart Of The Jungle by Laurie S for Stonemason's Millennium Environment, and Jungle Vines by Lourdes Mercado.  Rendered in Poser 4 Pro Pack and post worked in Adobe Photo Shop.

A Jungle Adventure

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Page created 27 January 2005

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